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Fishing for SailfishFishing is a fantastic activity. This sport can be practised purely as a hobby, or as a competitive and organized sport. The main aim when we created I Love Fishing was to build a community of like-minded anglers which all have a love for the sport. We aim to create a strong sense towards the protection and development of our environment. To maintain and protect our fishing treasures is one of our main drives as well. We will strive to give you relevant and current information for the sport of fishing and to keep you up to date with all the developments in this great sport. When the fish are on the run, nothing else matters.

The sound of a reel that's running. The wind in your hair. The weight of a fighting fish at the end of your line. The rushing of blood through your veins as the battle begins. The safe landing and release of the fish. These are all aspects that make this sport great, but words can truly explain the real feeling you get. You have to try it for yourself.

The sport of angling soothes your mind. Even when the reels are running like packs of wild dogs you will feel the soothing effect and relaxation of it all. The bad part is going back to work after a great trip. Once you've started you'll be back for more in no time at all. You should be warned though. Angling is addictive and once the bug has bitten, it never lets you go.

This sport is for everyone. You can go from extreme to the serene. There will be a part of the sport that will fit your personality.

It is important to get your partner involved in this sport as well. If they are not interested in fishing you must choose your destination with care. Always make sure that there will be things for them to do as well. If you can get them to love fishing, all the better for you.

You'll find the info for the South African and Southern African profiles on the Saltwater Species, as well as the Freshwater Species very useful. These profiles will prepare you for future Fishing excursions. Brush up on your knowledge for your preferred species and improve your species count. Come back for more and continue to expand your species list. If there are any species that you may want to target that aren't listed, drop us a message, and we will research and include this species in our profile database.

Be sure to read the I Love Fishing Blog regularly for updates on all aspects of Fishing. In the blog we will include articles on competitions, news, product and destination reviews, as well as regular news on our member's fishing expeditions and successes. In the I Love Fishing Blog we will  post regular fishing tips and tactics for all your favourite fishing species. These articles will give more insights in the type of angling that you may be into and is an extension of the database of our species. Get the base info on the profile pages and the deeper insights in the blog posts.

Visit the Free Fishing Downloads section with fishing related downloads. These downloads will assist you in your planning and general enjoyment of your future fishing excursions. In the fishing downloads section you will find a fishing reel capacity calculator, a fun fishing game and freshwater and saltwater fish identification charts for Southern and South African fishing. We will continue to make more downloads available as we find these gems for you.

Do you have a great angling story to tell. We'd love to hear it and share it with our visitors. Send your story, article or video through our contact page.

I have added a few videos below. These videos contains some highlights of just what South Africa has to offer as far as fishing is concerned. You can jump straight into activities like freshwater and saltwater fishing, sports fishing, extreme fishing and so much more. South Africa is certainly a destination to consider if you are a true angler at heart.

There are fish to catch. There are waters to visit. Keep those lines tight!!!

Catching Sailfish from Durban.

Catching Raggies.

Carp Angling in open water.