About I Love Fishing

Who we are.Young boy fishing at sunset painting

We are avid anglers with a great love for fishing and the wonderful fish species that South Africa has to offer. Whave created this website as an outlet for our love of Fishing and we hope that you may find some enjoyment and learning from my Fishing articles and Fishing profiles.

The first fishing experience that I can remember is when my grandfather took me with them on a fishing trip. I was handed a kiddies rod and caught about 20 Canary Kurpers for the day. I have since been hooked on fishing and moved on to bigger, and a variety of specimens. The species list I have caught consists of mostly freshwater fish, because of the fact that I am situated inland, but when I get an opportunity at being at the coast, I am inevitably at the water’s edge.

Our Vision.

Our vision is a simple one. To gather together all true anglers at heart into a community of responsible anglers and to promote the safety and conservation of our fishing treasures for both saltwater and freshwater.

Our Mission.

  • To give you all the South African fishing knowledge that you may need.
  • To promote catch and release, especially for indigenous species.
  • Serving relevant fishing articles to enhance your fishing experience.
  • To help anglers enlarge their fishing species list by giving information on possible new target species.
  • To give readers tips and tricks and tools to make your fishing trips and preparation easier and more enjoyable.
  • To help anglers get success next to the water’s edge.

What makes us different.

We try to focus on fishing in general. This will give the reader a wider range of fishing activities to look forward to. We will go a little more in-depth in our blog section and forums where specific details of each type of fishing can be discussed in full.

A view on the future.

We would like to establish a great fishing community where anglers all share their tips and tactics and to carry over a sense of protection for our natural fishing resources. We also aim to enlarge our fishing profile greatly and if you have any suggestions for a favourite species of your that is not listed, let us know and we will surely try to include this species into our fishing profiles and will try to include a few articles on this particular species.

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