Carp Fishing

The Joy of Carp Fishing. Carp Fishing in South Africa is probably the most practised freshwater fishing activity. The joy of Carp Fishing. It is almost impossible to describe and difficult to put into simple words. Carp fishing is an activity that creeps into your blood and once you have caught this, it is almost […]

Things to pack for a fishing trip

Things to pack for a fishing trip

Things to pack for a fishing trip. We give you the things to pack for a fishing trip that’ll make any trip a success. Whenever you are planning a fishing trip, the question of what to bring along will always arise. So what are the main things to pack for a fishing trip. One has to […]

Fly fishing for beginner

Fly Fishing for Beginners

Fly Fishing for Beginners: The Basics. The Essential aspects of fly fishing for beginners. Description: Fly fishing is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable fishing sports known to man. It is challenging but rewarding at the same time. But not all can enjoy it to the fullest; there are certain things to be kept in […]

Specimen Carp Fishing Bait

Specimen Carp Fishing Bait. The main specimen carp fishing baits that are used for Specimen Carp Fishing. When you prepare to go specimen carp fishing, one of the most important aspects is choosing and preparing your specimen carp fishing bait. The baits must be properly prepared for your success as well as for the carp’s […]

Specimen Carp Fishing Terminal Tackle

Specimen Carp Fishing Terminal Tackle. The Basics of Specimen Carp Fishing Terminal Tackle that’s needed for Specimen Carp Fishing. When preparing for your specimen carp fishing the specimen carp fishing terminal tackle is highly important to decide on, for your sake to land the fish and more importantly to avoid the specimen carp to be swimming […]

Specimen Carp Fishing Equipment

Specimen Carp Fishing Equipment. Basics of getting Specimen Carp Fishing Equipment. This is probably the first aspect that any aspiring angler takes account of, here are a few pointers to avoid the early pitfalls of buying your specimen carp fishing equipment. When one sets out to catch big carp, or specimen carp, it is very […]

Canary Kurper Fishing in South Africa

Canary Kurper Fishing. At times a pest but canary kurper fishing can be a saving grace when other fish aren’t biting. The canary kurper is surely one of the most commonly caught species in the Lowveld areas of South Africa. This little fish can be viewed as a nuisance when you are targeting bigger species […]

Vundu Fishing

Vundu Fishing for the serious angler. To do Vundu Fishing is a delight and gives the angler the opportunity to catch a really big fish. These fish can grow to a great size. The vundu tends to give the angler a great fight. These reasons makes it well worth to go out vundu fishing. The Vundu […]

Galjoen Fishing in South Africa

Galjoen Fishing in South Africa. As the South African national fish, Galjoen fishing is widely practised in South Africa. The galjoen, being the national fish of South Africa, is a well sought after species for any South African saltwater fisherman. Galjoen fishing is high on the list for anyone that is into saltwater fishing. Alternative […]

Kurper Fishing in South Africa

Fishing for kurper (tilapia), usually is not for the lazy fisherman. When these fish are on the bite there is no time to sit and drink your brandy or beer, there is almost no time to fix or put on your bite indicator. You often have to stand with rod in hand to be ready for the bite.