Blue Kurper

The Blue Kurper, also known as the Mozambique Tilapia.

One of the favoured fishing species in South Africa. They are so popular fishing competitions are based around fishing for the blue kurper.

(Oreochromis Mossambicus)

Blue Kurper Picture

Blue Kurper breeding male.

In breeding season the male blue kurper gets a dark colouration.

Blue Kurper - Breeding Male


Blue Kurper

Other Names.

This fish is also known under the following names: Mozambique Tilapia, Blou Kurper and Mud Bream.

Identification of the Blue Kurper.

The Blue Kurper can be easily identified. This fish has medium to large sized scales and the caudal fin has a straight edge. The colour of this tilapia is greyish olive to a deep blue-grey and the edges of the dorsal and caudal fins are dark orange to red. They have 3 to 5 rows of thin teeth in the front of the mouth. These fish can grow up to a length of 40 centimetres and a weight of 3.5 kilograms.

Distribution of the Blue Kurper through South Africa.

The blue kurper is widely distributed throughout South Africa. These fish can be found in most freshwater dams and rivers.

How to locate the Blue Kurper.

Mozambique Tilapia prefers shallow warm still or slow moving bodies of water with structure for cover. These fish can often be seen swimming close to the surface. They also tend to swim in schools and when they are on the move are relatively easy to spot.

Baits to use for this, and most other Tilapia species.

A wide variety of baits can be used with the favourite being earthworms. Artlure such as spinner are effective and other baits include corn pips, dough type baits and other fleshy baits.

Tackle to use when hunting for the kurper.

These fish are excellent fighters and light to medium tackle will do the job with small to medium hooks to be used. An angler can have great fun with lighter tackle as these fish put up a good fight for their size. If you hook a large kurper you are sure to have your hands full in order to land it safely.

A Nice Blue Kurper over Shallow Grass.

Check out this video of the Blue Kurper caught on artlure.

Many methods of fishing are used to hunt for kurpers and here is an example of artlure fishing for these fish.