Brown Trout

The Brown Trout.

The brown trout certainly is one of the most sought after fishing species worldwide.

(Salmo Trutta)

Brown Trout


Brown Trout.

Other Names.

Bruin Forel.

Identification of the Brown Trout.

As the name indicates the main colour of the Brown Trout is Brown to light brown with darker brown spots that serves as camouflage for this species. An elongated, sleek and streamline body gives this fish great movement through the water. This truly is a beautiful fish, especially when it is in the water.

Distribution of the Brown Trout throughout South Africa.

The Brown Trout is distributed widely across South Africa, but prefers to do it’s spawning in rivers and streams.

How to locate this fish.

This fish is very difficult to locate due to it’s excellent camouflage. It is often a case of out waiting the fish to spot it when it moves, another option is to gather knowledge from locals who will know where the trout are and where to look for them.

Baits to use for catching this fish.

Although fly fishing is the preferred method of catching these fish, if allowed they will take other artlure and live bait or worms. Artlure that could work is crank baits as well as imitations and spinner baits. They take a wide range of flies, depending on the time of day or season and many other factors.

Tackle to use when fishing for the Brown Trout.

Fly tackle is the favourite to use with the tackle class being light tackle, also use small to medium sized hooks. There are other ways to catch this fish, but fly fishing is most commonly used throughout the world.

Big Brown Trout Fishing.

Check out this video of a huge Brown Trout being caught.

This is certainly one of the fish I would like to catch and hunting for brown trout must be on every fisherman’s bucket list.