The carp is probably the most fished species in South Africa as far as freshwater fishing is concerned.

(Cyprinus Carpio)


New World Record Carp Caught.

This Fish was caught on 2nd June 2012.

Wouldn’t it be nice to land and fight a fish like this, this truly is a once in a lifetime fish.



Other Names.

Also known in Afrikaans, as the Karp.

Identification of this Fish.

The Common Carp is a heavy bodied, large scaled fish, with the main colour being bronze to golden yellow. At the back the colour changes to a greenish grey-brown with the belly being yellowish, and towards the edge of the fins the colour can change to yellow, orange and red. There are also two distinct sets of barbels on either side of the mouth.

Distribution of the Carp through South Africa.

The Common Carp has it’s origins in Asia, but has been introduced to areas all over the world, sometimes illegally so. The Common Carp is widely spread throughout South Africa from lakes and dams to rivers and even private dams.

How to locate this fish.

When trying to locate carp it is always good to look around structure, like overhanging trees or other obstacles in a body of water. Other ways to locate carp include visual surveying of a body of water to look for signs that they are feeding, these include; the carp jumping out of the water and bubbles on the water’s surface from where the carp are feeding on the bottom. If all of these methods fail, use your fish finder

Baits to use for catching Carp.

Many types of bait and fishing styles can be used successfully for catching carp. The most common method is bait fishing. Common baits used for these fish include, mealies (corn), tigernuts, boilies, earthworms as well as a sweet dough. It is also common use to make a feeding spot to attract the carp.

Tackle to use for carp fishing.

Due to the fact that in South Africa longer cast are often needed to reach these fish, long rods such as 10 to 14 foot fishing rods are used. A favourite reel is the baitrunner type reels with their large line capacities and quick retrieve. Hook sizes depend on the size of the carp you will be targeting as they can range in size from as small as 1 Kg to a large specimen being 30 Kg and upwards.

Carp fishing in big water in South Africa.

Hunting carp in Klaserie Dam in the Northern Province of South Africa.

This video will show you some of the reasons why this type of fishing is so popular in South Africa and worldwide.