Clanwilliam Yellowfish

The Clanwilliam Yellowfish.

The Clanwilliam Yellowfish is one of the most beautiful native fish species that is found in South African waters.

(Labeobarbus Capensis)

Clanwilliam Yellowfish


Clanwilliam Yellowfish.

Other Names.

This fish is also known as Labeobarbus Capensis and Clanwilliam Geelvis.

Identification of this fish.

A yellowish to brownish body with brighter yellow fins and a streamlined body shape. The adult males become even a more spectacular golden yellow with age and especially during the spawning season. The male’s golden colour is one of the most beautiful colours that can be seen on any freshwater fish.


The Clanwilliam Yellowfish is only found in the Western Cape, in the Olifants and Doring River system and their tributaries.

How to locate the Clanwilliam Yellowfish.

This Yellowfish can be found inside pools or holes inside the river systems. Here they are patrolling for food during the day. With a good pair of polarized glasses one should be able to spot them, especially if surveying the waters from an elevated position. During the spawning season these fish can be found in very shallow waters of the above mentioned river systems.

Baits to use for this Yellowfish.

Fly fishing is the main fishing style that is used, but these fish will also take dough type baits. It can be caught in the same manner as carp as well.

Tackle to use when hunting this fish.

Medium to heavy fly fishing tackle as these fish can grow to large sizes. A fly fishing rod of at least 10ft is recommended.

These fish have become very scarce and very difficult to add to your species list. It is surely a must catch for as long as they’re still around. Just remember that releasing this fish is of the utmost importance. Let’s protect this fish for future anglers that might want to add it to their species list.