Freshwater Mullet

The Freshwater Mullet.

A great little fish to hunt for and the freshwater mullet can also be salted and dried and are good eating.

(Myxus Capensis)

Freshwater Mullet


Freshwater Mullet.

Other Names.

Varswater Harder.

Identification of the Freshwater Mullet.

Long sleek streamlined fish with a silvery to grey colouration. These fish can grow to a length of about 45 to 50 centimetres and a weight of around 2 kilograms.

Distribution of this fish.

Found from the Bree river to Kosi Bay and even up to 100 kilometres inland up the river systems, however they return to the ocean to breed.

How to locate this fish.

Visual surveying of the waters and local knowledge is the best bet.

Baits to use when fishing for this fish.

Fleshy baits such as worms and flying ants can be used for this little fish.

Tackle to use for hunting the Freshwater Mullet.

Light tackle will work well. The hook size as small as possible.

This little fish is very good for eating. It can be cooked in a barbecue fashion, or they can be salted and dried.