Grass Carp


An invasive carp species in South Africa but a nice fish to catch due to the large size they can attain.

(Ctenopharyngodon Idella)

Grass Carp


Grass Carp

Other Names

Gras Karp, Chinese Carp

Identification of the Grass Carp

Very Streamlined fish with the dorsal fin starting in front of the pelvic fins. This fish has large scale and the colour being silvery grey towards the top going into bronze and yellow and a whitish colour toward the belly.

Distribution of this fish through South Africa

The Grass Carp is distributed widely throughout South Africa, but has Chinese origins.

How to locate the Grass Carp

As with other carp look for feeding signs such as bubbles on the water’s surface from where they are feeding and look for these fish jumping out of the water.

Baits to use for this fish

All carp type baits should work, but the best bait seems to be maggots and corn pips.

Tackle to use for Grass Carp

Medium to heavy tackle is recommended due to the strong fighting prowess of the fish and the large size.

World Record Grass Carp

Nice video showing the day the world record grass carp is caught

This video displays the lead up and catching of the world record grass carp and gives a great feel of the happenings of the day and leading up to this great catch.