Israeli Tilapia


A beautiful little species of tilapia.

(Oreochromis Niloticus)

Israeli Tilapia


Israeli Tilapia

Identification of the Israeli Tilapia

A blueish silver tilapia species with the sharp fins common to the tilapia species. The dorsal and caudal fins going into a pinkish red to red colouration towards the ends. The weight of this tilapia species can be up to about 2 kilograms with the length at around 50 centimetres.

Distribution of this fish

The Israeli Tilapia is found in the river systems of Kwa Zulu Natal and into the river systems of the Western Cape.

How to locate this Tilapia species

Look for these fish in shallow warm water with weeds and reeds and floating structures with hiding places for the fish.

Baits to use for this fish

When feeding they will take almost any bait presented to them with fleshy baits such as worms, frogs and even small live bait. These fish will also take artlure such as spinners and plastics.

Tackle to use when hunting for the Israeli Tilapia

Light tackle and small hooks are recommended.