Largemouth Bass


A great fish to hunt for and fished by millions of fishermen all around the globe.

(Micropterus Salmoides)

Largemouth Bass


Largemouth Bass

Other Names

Grootbek Baars

Identification of this fish

The Largemouth Bass has a green to dark green colour get darker green to olive green towards the back, it also has a darker green blotchy stripe down the sides. The weight of this bass species is around 2 kilograms as an average weight and the length of around 60 centimetres.

Distribution through South Africa

Widely distributed throughout South Africa and Africa.

How to locate the Largemouth Bass

As with other bass species this one is no different as it looks for structure in the water like old dead trees or overhanging trees near the water. They can also be found in other structures or plants inside the water like reeds and floating debris.

Baits to use for the Largemouth Bass

The Largemouth Bass will take almost any bait thrown at it, but artlure such as crank baits and poppers are preferred. In nature their diets consists of crabs and small fish and frogs as well as worms and even small lizards.

Tackle to use when hunting this fish

Light to medium tackle with medium sized hooks to set into the large mouth.

Big Largemouth Bass caught on video

Nice video of a 12 pound Largemouth Bass being caught