Lowveld Largescale Yellowfish


A nice South African fish to fish for.

(Labeobarbus Marequensis)

Lowveld Largescale Yellowfish


Lowveld Largescale Yellowfish

Other Names

Grootskubgeelvis, Labeobarbus marequensis

Identification of the Lowveld Largescale Yellowfish

The pectoral fin of the Largescale Yellowfish starts in front of the pelvic fins and the scales of the fish is as the name suggests large. The mouth is set slightly below the nose. This fish also has 2 pairs of barbs or feelers next to it’s mouth. The colour of the fish can be from a light olive green to dark golden yellow. This fish grows to a size of 50 centimetres with a weight of up to 6 kilograms.

Distribution of this fish

Widely distributed from the Zambezi river system up to the Phongolo system.

How to locate this Yellowfish

This fish can be found in streams or at the top of waterholes in rivers. Sandbanks and gullies are also a good place to look for these fish. If there is an island inside the river it is best to look for these fish at the bottom side of the direction of the stream.

Baits to use

Insects and other fleshy baits are good to use. Flying ants, small crabs, frogs platannas and small bait fish like ghieliemientjies, worms can also be used and artlure in the form of fly fishing is commonly used.

Tackle to use to catch this Yellow

Medium tackle as well as medium sized hooks can be used.