A widely distributed fish throughout South Africa

(Labeo Umbratus)




Other Names

Mud Mullet

Identification of this fish

The scales of the Moggel is small with a rounded fleshy head and a small mouth located underneath the nose and small feelers on the top of the mouth. The colour of the Moggel is greyish with pinkish to cream coloured specs with the belly being off-white. The Moggel can grow up to 50 centimetres in length with a weight of about 3 kilograms.


Widely distributed in all the river systems of South Africa.

How to locate this fish

These fish prefer still or slow flowing waters.

Baits to use when fishing for Moggel

A wide range of baits such as, earthworms, flour dough baits, flying ants, as well as corn pips can be used.

Tackle to use for this fish

Light to medium tackle with small hooks will do the job.