A nice little fish to catch and can be used as a bait fish as well.

(Barbus Mattozi Guimaraes)




Other Names

Papierbek, Silverfish, Silwervis

Identification of the Papermouth

The body of the papermouth is covered in silver scales with light orange to orange lining on the soft parts of the fins. This fish can grow to a length of 40 centimetres and a weight of around 1.4 kilograms.

Distribution of this fish

The Papermouth is distributed widely accross South Africa but the best place to catch these fish seems to be in the Loskop dam.

How to locate

These fish prefer large pools inside rivers but they also do very well in our large dams especially Loskop dam.

Baits to use for the Papermouth

The Papermouth will take a large variety of baits such as artlure plastics and spinner baits. They will also take worms and other carp baits such as corn pips.

Tackle to use when hunting this fish species

Light tackle and small hooks are recommended to target the Papermouth