Rainbow Trout


A beautiful fish with magnificent colours.

(Onorchynchus Mykiss)

Rainbow Trout


Rainbow Trout

Other Names

Reenboog Forel

Identification of the Rainbow Trout

The body of the Rainbow Trout is streamlined with small scales and the pectoral fin is located in the middle of the body. When the mouth is closed it stretches to the back of the eye socket and the mouth has sharp teeth. In the males the bottom jaw is enlarged with a hooked point on the end. The main colour is silver to light gold with black spots all along the body and on the fins. Another distinguishing feature of the Rainbow Trout is the lilac purple line from the head to the tail down the centre of the bodyline. These fish can grow up to 70 centimetres with a weight of up to 5.5 kilograms, although the average weight is around 1.5 kilograms.

Distribution through South Africa

This fish can be found in higher lying regions with cold water.

How to locate this fish

As with the Brown Trout the Rainbow Trout is hard to spot due to it’s camouflage, so local knowledge is of great help. These fish can be spotted when they are rising and moving, especially if you are surveying the water from an elevated posision.

Baits to use

Mainly flies, both dry and wet flies. When these fish are rising one should use dry flies.

Tackle to use to hunt the Rainbow Trout

Fly fishing tackle is recommended.

Rainbow Trout Fishing

Check out this trout fishing video from Youtube

Fly Fishing for Rainbow Trout must be one of the most rewarding types of fishing when catching this beautiful fish.