Redbreast Tilapia


One of the pretiest of the tilapia species

(Tilapia Rendalli)

Redbreast Tilapia


Redbreast Tilapia

Other Names

Redbreast Kurper, Rooibors Kurper

Identification of the Redbreast Tilapia

As with the Mozambique Tilapia the Redbreast Tilapia has large scales with a round profiled head. The throat and breast areas are a bright red with the rest of the body being olive green to brown. There are also 5 to 7 vertical thick bands along the body. These fish grow up to 40 centimetres with a weight of up to 2 kilograms


The Redbreast Tilapia is spread widely all over South Africa.

How to locate this fish

These fish are usually found close to the banks in shallow water of between 1 and 2 metres.

Baits to use for this tilapia species

A variety of baits can be used with earthworms being the favourite. Spinner baits as well as dough type baits will also work well.

Tackle to use when hunting the Redbreast Tilapia

Light to medium tackle as well as small to medium sized hooks are to be used.

Redbreast Tilapia Reproducing

Video from Youtube showing the reproduction of this tilapia species.

A really beautiful little tilapia species in and out of the water and here it show the reproduction of this mouth breeder.