Smallmouth Bass


Catching Smallmouth Bass is one of the greatest passtimes you can have at any body of water.

(Micropterus Dolomieu)

Smallmouth Bass


Smallmouth Bass

Other Names

Kleinbek Baars

Identification of the Smallmouth Bass

The base of the soft dorsal and anal fins are covered in scales. When the mouth is closed it stretches to the middle of the eye socket. The colour of the fish is olive green with a bronze tinge. Dark olive green stripes are visible across the body. Small dark lines that run from the eye socket is a distinguishing feature. The belly is a greyish white. The Smallmouth Bass can grow to a length of about 50 centimetres with a weight of up to 3 kilograms or over.

Distribution through South Africa

Widely distributed all over South Africa.

How to locate this fish

Always look for structure in the water like overhanging trees, reeds, rock formations in the water, dead trees and any other structure is usually where these fish are found.

Baits to use for Smallmouth Bass fishing

A wide variety of artlure can be used. Crank baits, soft plastic, plastic frog etc. are all well received by this fish.

Tackle to use for this Bass species

Medium tackle with a rod of around 7 foot are used in most instances, with baitcaster reels being favoured by most bass fishermen.

Smallmouth Bass Fishing Video

View this Youtube video to see a Smallmouth Bass fisherman in action.

You to can have hours of fun catching and hunting for smallmouth bass.