Spotted Bass


Great fishing is to hunt for Spotted Bass or any Bass species for that matter.

(Micropterus Punctulatus)

Spotted Bass


Spotted Bass

Other Names

Gespikkelde Baars

Identification of the Spotted Bass

The Spotted Bass has a smallish mouth compared to the other bass species. When the mouth is closed it stretches to the front of the eye socket. An olive green fish with diamond shaped olive green spots down the body line and a lighter to off white belly. These fish grow to a length of about 60 centimetres with a weight of up to 1 kilogram.

Distribution through South Africa

Widely distributed across South Africa

How to locate these fish

Look for structures like overhanging trees, reeds, water grass, dead trees and other structures in the water. They also prefer deep murky waters where they build their nests.

Baits to use

Artlure is used. Crank baits, soft plastics, spinner baits, lead-heads etc. work well for these fish.

Tackle to use when hunting for Spotted Bass

Spinning tackle with baitcaster reels are preferred. The rod length of about 7 foot is adequate.

Spotted Bass Fishing

Check out this Spotted Bass Fishing video from Youtube.

See how much fun can be had when fishing for spotted bass.