The Tigerfish.

The Tigerfish is probably the most sought after freshwater game fish in South Africa.

(Hydrocynus Vittatus)




Other Names.

Tiervis, Striped Water Dog.

Identification of the Tigerfish.

The body is supple (lithe) and the fins pointy with the caudal fin having a deep fork. The Tigerfish has a big head with bony cheeks and strong jaws. On both jaws there are sharp, long, forward facing teeth. The head and body of this fish is silvery with a blue sheen on the back. There are horizontal black line along the body line and a noticable black adipose fin near the tail. The fins of this fish is yellow to red with the caudal (tail) fin is sometimes a bright red. The Tigerfish can grow up to 70 centimetres with a weight of 16 kilograms, but an average weight caught is around 4 kilograms.

Distribution through Southern and South Africa.

Tigerfish are found in the Okavango and Zambezi river systems and in the lowveld regions of the east coast rivers up to the Phongolo river system.

How to locate this fish.

Local knowledge or a guide is recommended when targeting these species of fish.

Baits to use for the Tigerfish.

Mostly use artlure or trawling of live bait or small kapentas (small bait fish) are also used. A wide range of artlure is used. Flies can also be used effectively.

Tackle to use when fishing for Tigerfish.

A steel trace is essential due to the sharp teeth. Medium to heavy tackle with a good reel with a smooth drag system is used.

Tigerfish fishing video.

Fishing for tigerfish on the Zambezi river.

Get a little taste of the sport of Tigerfish fishing and see why this is many a fisherman’s dream fish.

The tigerfish is certainly a must have on any species bucket list when you plan to fish southern or South Africa.