Vlei Kurper


A small tilapia species but a fun pastime for the young ones or when bigger fish aren’t biting.

(Tilapia Sparrmanii)

Banded Tilapia


Banded Tilapia

Other Names


Identification of the Banded Tilapia

Typical to the tilapia species the Banded Tilapia or Vleikurper has pronounced fins that has sharp and pointy edges, especially the dorsal fins, with greenish bands down it’s body, which distinguishes this fish from other tilapia species. These fish don’t get too big with the adults reaching a maximum of 500 grams.

Distribution of the Banded Tilapia

This little tilapia or kurper species is found widespread throughout South Africa.

How to locate this little tilapia species

The Banded Tilapia or Vleikurper is found in the shallow warmer areas of a body of water and prefers still water. As with all the other fish species they will try to stay close to the cover of structures in the water.

Baits to use when targeting the Banded Tilapia

These fish will take almost any bait when they are actively feeding including artlure like spinners. Worms are always a good bait to use for all Tilapia species. As these species get older their diet will consist mainly of plants but when they are aggressively feeding you may still get some of the bigger specimens to take your worm bait or your spinner bait.

Tackle to use for hunting this little fish

Use extra light tackle and small hooks, the lighter the better to appreciate catching this small-sized Tilapia species.