The Belman or Baardman is a great fish to catch and also provides good eating.

(Umbrina Robinsoni)




Other Names

Baardman, Tasselfish

Identification of the Baardman (Belman)

Often mistaken for the Kob. The head is more steeply sloped and the mouth smaller and more underslung. The fleshy tassel beneath the mouth is an distinguishing feature. The body colour is silvery. Although these fish can grow to a size of over 10 kilograms the average size of the species that are caught range between 1 and 5 kilograms.

Distribution of this fish

The Belman or Baardman is found from False Bay in the Cape up to the border of Mozambique, but are rarely caught from the Transkei and upwards towards Mozambique.

How to locate the Baardman

The Belman can be caught in shallow, cloudy water around sandy beaches and river mouths, usually inside gullies, with the best times being dawn and dusk.

Baits to use for this fish

Baits to use include bloodworms, wonderworms, moonlight worms, pink and mud prawns, sea lice, crabs and strips of fresh squid or tjokka is used most commonly.

Tackle to use when fishing for Baardman (Belman, Tasslefish)

Light tackle and lines with a breaking strain of about 4 kilograms can be used. Small hooks are also recommended because of the small mouths.