Black Marlin


Black Marlin fishing, one of the ultimate goals for any fisherman.

(Makaira Indica)

Black Marlin


Black Marlin

Other Names

Swart Marlyn

Identification of the Black Marlin

The Black Marlin has an elongated body, strong tail and long sharp bill. The bill is rounded. The dorsal fin of the Black Marlin is lower than that of the Blue Marlin and the adult fish has rigid pectoral fins. The colour of this fish varies from blue-black on the back to silver-blue on the sides and white on the bottom or tummy. There are also pale vertical stripes on the body and a coppery tinge at the gills covers. This fish can grow to a size of over 500 kilograms with the average weight caught being between 80 and 200 kilograms. The South African record stands at 503 kilograms.

Distribution of the Black Marlin

Being an oceanic fish the Black Marlin is distributed all across the world and not limited just to certain areas.

How to locate this fish

Black Marlin can usually be found in deep water near the continental shelf drop-off, especially where smaller tuna gathers to feed.

Baits to use when fishing for Black Marlin

Kona type skirt baits are mostly used when trolling at about 12 knots, but live or dead bait can also be trolled at lower speeds of about 3 knots.

Tackle to use for hunting Black Marlin

Heavy boat rods with a high quality heavy duty reel to go with it is recommended. Thick lines are used with large hooks, with the hooks being a 12/0 or 11/0 in size.

Black Marlin Video

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Marlin fishing must surely be the ultimate game fishing experience and in this video you will get a sense of the magnitude of this type of fishing.