This little fish is great fun to catch on the drop shot (artlure).

(Diplodus Capensis)




Other Names

Dassie, Kolstert, White Bream

Identification of the Blacktail

A prominent black spot near the tail is visible, and clearly where the name comes from. The Blacktail has a steeply shaped head with large eyes for it’s size and a small forward facing mouth. The colouration of the sides are a bluish grey with darker blue at the back with the belly being white. The average size of Blacktail that are caught is less than a kilogram, but they can grow up to about 3 kilograms.

Distribution through South Africa

Blacktail are found along the entire coastline of South Africa and Southern Africa.

How to locate this fish

Can be caught in foamy water around rocks or even isolated rocks, and also in newly opened sand gullies where new marine growth has settled.

Baits to use

These fish will take almost any bait offered, sometimes to other species, but coralworms, wonderworms, red bait, white mussels and prawns is the preferred bait for anglers targeting these species.

Tackle to use for the Blacktail

Light rock and surf tackle should be used with small hooks and a line with a breaking strain of about 8kg, keeping in mind that one will be fishing around rocky gullies and sandy areas.