Blue Marlin


One of the most beautiful game fishes.

(Makaira Nigricans)

Blue Marlin


Blue Marlin

Other Names

Blou Marlyn

Identification of the Blue Marlin

The Blue Marlin is a robust fish, but not as heavily built as the Black Marlin. The elongated body is blue at the back and silvery white down the sides and belly. The dorsal fin is higher than that of the Black Marlin and the forehead less steeply sloped. The pectoral fins are not rigid and can fold away easily. The sharp bill can be longer than that of the Black Marlin. Light blue vertical stripes are evident on the sides of the Blue Marlin. Although the SA record for the Blue Marlin stands at 219 kilograms there are unconfirmed reports stating catches in excess of 700 kilograms.


Oceanic species that are found all around the world. Along the South African coastline it favours the warmer waters especially from Durban to the Mozambiquen border with Sodwana being one of the favoured launching spots to target these fish.

How to locate

Blue Marlin can usually be found in deep water near the continental shelf drop-off, especially where smaller tuna gathers to feed.

Baits to use

Kona type skirt baits are mostly used when trolling at about 12 knots, but live or dead bait can also be trolled at lower speeds of about 3 knots.

Tackle to use when hunting for Blue Marlin

Heavy boat rods with a high quality heavy duty reel to go with it is recommended. Thick lines are used with large hooks, with the hooks being a 12/0 or 11/0 in size.

Blue Marlin Video

Here is a great Blue Marlin catch.

In this video the Marlin takes a Dorado (Dolphin Fish, Mahi-Mahi) that is already on the line, and a good fight starts.