Bronze Bream

The Bronze Bream and it’s fishing profile.

The bronze bream is a really fun fish to catch and makes for excellent eating.

(Pachymetopon Grande)

Bronze Bream


Bronze Bream.

Other Names.

This little fish is known by many names such as, John Brown, Bluefish, Das, Pens-en-derms not to be confused with the hottentot that is found from Cape Agulhas and westwards.

Identification of the Bronze Bream.

Like most species of the bream family the Bronze Bream has an oval shaped body and an appearance of plumpness due to the bulging gut. The overall colour of the body is a brownish bronze with a blueish tint to the upper part. The average weight of species caught range between 1 and 3 kilograms but they can reach a weight of up to 5 kilograms.

Distribution through South Africa.

These fish are generally found from Cape Agulhas to Mozambique.

How to locate this fish.

These fish can be found in or near the shallow rocky ledges in turbulent waters and they feed in the white water.

Baits to use for Bronze Bream fishing.

These fish are mainly vegetarians but will also eat small crustaceans that are found in the seaweed. The most common baits to use are rock lobster, prawns, white mussels or worms which need to be well presented.

Tackle to use for the Bronze Bream.

A rod of about 3 metres (10 foot) with a good reel should work well, with small hooks such as a 1/0 to 2/0 because of the small mouths of the Bronze Bream.

Bronze Bream Fishing Video.

A very nice 3Kg Bronze Bream caught in this video.

Bronze Bream fishing is always fun and the larger specimens like this 3Kg from the video is highly sought after by fishermen.

This is certainly one of the most popular saltwater fishing species in South Africa and well worth a try. It is a good fish to catch and even better for eating.