Bronze Whaler Shark


Many fishermen target these sharks mainly due to the large sizes that are caught, they put up a good fight and can be the fish of a lifetime.

(Carcharhinus Brachyurus)

Bronze Whaler Shark


Bronze Whaler Shark

Other Names

Bronzy, Copper Shark, Narrow-Tooth Shark

Identification of the Bronze Whaler Shark

The Bronze Whaler is heavily built with rather large triangular dorsal fin. The top lobe of the tail fin is long, almost twice as long as the lower lobe. As the name implies the body has a coppery sheen along the sides and the back with a lighter coloured belly. The teeth are narrow and pointed with the teeth in the top jaw being serrated. These fish can grow to a weight of around 200 kilograms with the average weight that is caught being between 30 and 70 kilograms.

Distribution through South Africa

The Bronze Whaler can be found along the coast from Durban and Westwards along the coast to well beyond the Namibian border.

How to locate the Bronzy

These fish are mostly targeted from rocky ledges as well as sandy beaches.

Baits to use for this Shark

Baits that are commonly used include whole fish such as haarder, karranteen, small sharks or other suitably sized fish that are used as live bait or dead. The heads of shad, small cob or skipjack can also be used. Squid mixed with a fish fillet is also an excellent bait to prepare for these sharks.

Tackle to use when fishing for Bronzy

Heavy tackle with rods of 4 metres or longer and a high quality reel with a smooth drag system are to be used when targeting these sharks from rock and surf, with hook sizes between an 8/0 to 11/0 to be used.

Bronze Whaler Shark Fishing Video

Nice Bronzy caught of the beach in Muizenberg, South Africa.

Fish like these can give an angler hours of fun and great stories to tell.