A really acrobatic fish when hooked

(Coryphaena Hippurus)




Other Names

Dolphin Fish, Mahi-Mahi

Identification of the Dorado

Striking colours along the body ranging from an electric blue with gold speckles to a metallic blue-grey to gold and silver. The females have a low rounded head with the males’ forehead being more pronounced. The shape of the body is long and flat with a large tail that is mostly yellow. A size of around 25 kilograms is a magnificent specimen, but they can grow up to a weight of 45 kilograms in parts of the world.

Distribution through South Africa

Being an oceanic species these fish can be found worldwide but they prefer tropical or sub-tropical waters.

How to locate this fish

Although these fish are not usually a target species, they can be caught while trolling for tuna or other pelagic gamefish.

Baits to use

Small to medium sized lures that are commonly trolled for tuna or other pelagic gamefish.

Tackle to use for the Dorado

Light tackle, sometimes as light as 4kg will give the most excitement, however the use of a trace is advisable, as larger specimens could wear through your line.

Dorado Fishing Video

Check out this Youtube video of a big Dorado being caught

This fish is really strong and can be very acrobatic when hooked and often jumps out of the water.