A hard fighting but clean fighting fish

(Lichia Amia)




Other Names


Identification of the Garrick

The Garrick has a distinctive shape due to it’s concave belly, and in combination with it’s sharp snout, gives it a lean and hungry look. The upper part of the body is a light green with the belly being white. It has a large tail and a leathery skin from where the Afrikaans name of “Leervis”. The average size of fish that are caught is between 2 and 5 kilograms in estuaries and between 5 and 10 kilograms in the sea.

Distribution through South Africa

Can be found along the entire coastline of South Africa and Namibia.

How to locate this fish

It is most common to look for Garrick behind the surf back-line along sandy beaches, where they prefer to hunt. They can also be caught along deep water off rocky headlands and in the estuaries of the tidal rivers.

Baits to use

Lure fishing with poppers, spinners and plugs should work well from the shoreline and is very exciting. Salt fly fishing can also work. Trolling live bait such as mullet or small lipped lures also works well.

Tackle to use

Light tackle with lines as light as 2 kilograms can be use as the Garrick is hard fighter, but they do fight clean.

Garrick Fishing Video

Check out this Youtube video showing a Garrick / Leervis being caught

These fish put up a fantastic fight but they fight clean and may be a good fish to target for newer saltwater fishermen.