Giant Kingfish


One of the strongest game fish that you can fish for in saltwater

(Caranx Ignoblis)

Giant Kingfish


Giant Kingfish

Other Names

GT (Giant Trevally), Jack, Karambisi, Ulua

Identification of the GT

The Giant Kingfish has a large head with a steep sloping forehead and a prominent jaw which gives it a menacing look. These fish are also the largest of the Kingfish species that are caught in South African waters. The colour of this fish is olive but it may have tinges of blue green or a darker olive along the back. The sides are dotted with small irregular black spots and the belly is a silvery white. The tail is deeply forked and it has small scoots along the lateral line towards the tail. The average size caught is between 5 and 15 kilograms, but species in excess of 50 kilograms have been landed in South Africa.

Distribution through Southern Africa

The Giant Kingfish prefers warmer tropical waters and in South Africa can be found from the Transkei northwards and into Mozambique.

How to locate this fish

Although these fish do from time to time venture into the estuaries, as a rule, they can be found in deeper waters around headlands and inshore reefs. The larger specimens prefer steep drop-offs on deeper reefs.

Baits to use

Common baits that are used are live bait or fish fillets and lures such as spinners, poppers and surface plugs.

Tackle to use when fishing for the Giant Kingfish

Medium to heavy tackle and a line with a breaking strain of at least 15 kilograms should be used. Hooks must be sharp and of high quality.

GT Fishing

Check out this fishing video for Giant Kingfish

Giant Kingfish will always put up a good fight when hooked and give the angler great stories to tell.