Relatively easy to catch and a great bait fish

(Sarpa Salpa)




Other Names


Identification of the Karanteen

The Karanteen is a small fish with an elongated body. It’s colour is silver with bright yellow lines that run from the head to the tail on either sides. It has a small mouth with small sharp teeth and no molars. Most of the Karanteen that are caught are well below 1 kilogram in weight and these fish are usually used as baitfish.


Karanteen can be found from Langebaan on the west coast of South Africa, and along the southern coastline up to the eastern coastline and into Mozamique.

How to locate

The Karanteen can be found in rocky areas that have deep inlets with calm, clear water where they feed on fine seaweed close to the surface.

Baits to use

Bits of mussel, red bait and small pieces of fish can be used as bait for the Karanteen

Tackle to use for the Karanteen

Light rods and tiny hooks are to be used to hook this little fish.