One of South Africa’s favourite fishing species so much so that song have even been made about it

(Argyrosomus spp.)




Other Names

Kabeljou, Boerkabeljou, Kwagga, Daga Salmon. There are actually 2 species commonly caught namely the Dusky Kob and the Silver Kob. 3 Other Kob species are also found along the South African coast namely the Square-tail Kob, the Benguela Kob and the Pugnose Kob.

Identification of the Kob

It is actually difficult to tell these 2 species apart. The Dusky Kob has a slightly lower pectoral fin, is darker in colour and grows to a larger size than the Silver Kob. The body of the Kob is silver with the upper part along the back being bronze or even purple. The head and sides are pearly white with a row of bright silver buttons along the lateral line. The body is large and heavily scaled, with a large rounded tail. Silver Kob can reach a weight of 35 kilograms with the Dusky Kob reaching up to 75 kilograms.


Kob can be caught all along the South African coast and into Namibia in the north west and Mozambique in the north east.

How to locate this fish

The Dusky Kob can be found off sandy beaches, in sandy gullies next to reefs, in rivers and in the river mouths, while the Silver Kob prefer deeper, cooler waters.

Baits to use

Baits that can be used include pilchard, mackerel, strips of squid, octopus leg, bloodworm, prawns or shad (live or dead). Live bait such as mullet, river stumpnose, karanteen or smaller bait fishes will also work well.

Tackle to use when fishing for Kob

A wide range of tackle can be used depending on where you are fishing from, from small drop shot rods when fishing shallow waters to boat rods when jigging in the deeper waters.

Kob Fishing Video

Video from YouTube showing a big Kob being caught on drop shot

Kob can be caught with many different techniques and drop shot is just but one of these fishing techniques used for this fish.