A strong fish and great for fishing

(Sparodon Durbanensis)




Other Names

Mosselkraker, Brusher, White Musselcracker, White Biskop, White Stompkop, Silver Steenbras

Identification of the Musselcracker

The Musselcracker is a powerfully built fish with a prominent forehead and strong jaws. The mouth is armed with round crushing teeth. The body is a silvery grey.


Musselcracker occur from False Bay in the Cape to Durban in Natal.

How to locate this fish

The Musselcracker is found in the surf zone in strong or turbulent water where they frequent the gullies where currents expose their food. These fish can also be found in deeper water close to pinnacles and reefs.

Baits to use

Crabs and red bait is most commonly used, with other baits that can be used include black mussels limpets, white mussels and rock lobsters.

Tackle to use for the Musselcracker

Heavy tackle and a good quality reel with a smooth drag system is recommended. Line with a breaking strain of at least 17 kg and hooks that range between a 5/0 and 8/0 of high quality.