Ragged Tooth Shark


A great shark to target and worth it to pursue

(Carcharias Taurus)

Ragged Tooth Shark


Ragged Tooth Shark

Other Names

Skeurtand Haai, Raggy, Grey Nurse Shark, Sand Tiger Shark

Identification of the Ragged Tooth Shark

The Ragged Tooth Shark has a large, somewhat plump body with a large tail and small head in comparison to the body. Both dorsal fins are almost the same size. It’s mouth is armed with rows of long pointed razor sharp teeth which always seem to be protruding from the mouth when seen underwater. The body is light brown to grey with a pale underbody, and there are brown spots that cover the body. Species that are caught can weigh up to 300 kilograms, however the common size caught is below 100 kilograms.


The Ragged Tooth Shark can be found from the south of the Western Cape and eastwards into Mozambique.

How to locate this Shark

Adults can be found along shallow rocky ledges, sandy beaches as well as river mouths while younger specimens may enter the estuaries.

Baits to use

Same as the bronze whaler shark. Baits that are commonly used include whole fish such as haarder, karranteen, small sharks or other suitably sized fish that are used as live bait or dead. The heads of shad, small cob or skipjack can also be used. Squid mixed with a fish fillet is also an excellent bait to prepare for these sharks.

Tackle to use for the Ragged Tooth Shark

Same as the bronze whaler. Heavy tackle with rods of 4 metres or longer and a high quality reel with a smooth drag system are to be used when targeting these sharks from rock and surf, with hook sizes between an 8/0 to 11/0 to be used.

Ragged Tooth Shark Video

Check out this youngster pulling out this Raggy

A young (7 years) angler from South Africa pulling out an 84 Kilogram Raggy, this is some great fishing footage.