Red Steenbras


A very nice saltwater fish to catch and they can get quite large

(Petrus Rupestrus)

Red Steenbras


Red Steenbras

Other Names

Copper Steenbras, Rooi Steenbras

Identification of the Red Steenbras

The body colour of the Red Steenbras is light red to bronze with hints of brown and purple in between. The belly is a light yellow and the fins are a darker shade of red than the body. It has a elongated body with a pointed snout with a large mouth equipped with a set of canine teeth. The Red Steenbras can reach a weight of around 50 kilograms with the average size caught being between 8 and 15 kilograms.


These fish can be found from False Bay eastwards to almost the North Eastern Border of South Africa.

How to locate this fish

Older, larger specimense of the Red Steenbras will patrol the deeper reefs, while younger Red Steenbras can be found during the summer months along the south coast and during the winter they will migrate to the east coast of South Africa where they will be found shoaling in deep gullies or boulder beds and drop-offs adjacent to reefs.

Baits to use

Live baitfish like frans madame, steentjie of klipfish or any other small reef fish near the bottom is sure to get some action. Fillets of fish or squid mixed with fillets of fish will also work well.

Tackle to use when targeting Red Steenbras

A heavy boat rod with a high quality reel with a good drag system, such as a Alvey or Scarborough and circle hooks of between 8/0 and 10/0 that are sharp is recommended.