A strong fighting fish and great to fish for

(Rhinobatus Annulatus and Rhinobatus Djeddensis)




Other Names

Sandhaai, Guitarfish, with 2 species of the Sandshark found along the South African coast, namely the Giant Sandshark and the Lesser Sandshark.

Identification of the Sandshark

The body or the Sandshark or Guitarfish resembles a guitar, furthermore the body is flat with a short but wide snout. The colour is light to dark brown with brown spots along the body. The belly of this fish is cream coloured. The Giant Sandshark can reach weights in excess of 100 kilograms while the Lesser Sandshark rarely reaches weights over 25 kilograms.


The Lesser Sandshark can be found all along the coastline of South Africa and into Mozambique in the north east to Namibia in the north west, while the Giant Sandshark can be found in the coastal waters of Natal during the summer months.

How to locate this fish

Both these species of sandshark prefer the shallow water with sandy bottoms.

Baits to use

Lesser Sandsharks are often a by-catch when tarteting other species such as Kob or White Steenbras. The Giant Sandshark however is specifically targeted and baits like fish fillets or the heads of small fish like Shad are great baits for this fish.

Tackle to use when fishing for the Sandshark

Medium tackle is commonly used with a good quality reel and relatively small hooks with a size of about 5/0 to 6/0.