Spotted Grunter


The Spotted Grunter is always fun to catch especially on lighter tackle

(Pomadasys Commersonni)

Spotted Grunter


Spotted Grunter

Other Names

Gespikkelde Knorder, Knorhaan

Identification of the Spotted Grunter

The body shape is oblong with a steep forehead and a strong pointed mouth. The Spotted Grunter has a strong and well developed tail. The colour is pearly white with black spots along the top and sides of the fish. The colour of the tail is dark to almost black and the dorsal fin is spiky with hard spines that can make this fish difficult to handle.


The Spotted Grunter prefers warmer waters but can be found as far south as False Bay, up into Natal in into Mozambique.

How to locate this fish

The Spotted Grunter is mostly caught in estuaries and lagoons on the edge of deeper channels. From the beach these fish can be caught in shallow, foamy water close to sandbanks or in river mouths.

Baits to use

Mud prawn or pink prawn is commonly used.

Tackle to use when fishing for Spotted Grunter

Very light tackle and a small 1/0 hook is recommended.

Spotted Grunter Fishing Video

Check out this YouTube video showing the landing of a Spotted Grunter

Great fun in the estuaries and on light tackle can be had when fishing for Spotted Grunter