Nice to fish for on light tackle

(Elops Machnata)




Other Names

Ladyfish, Giant Herring

Identification of the Springer

The springer is long and slender in body with a large and deeply forked tail. The body shape is cylindrical with the colour being silver and blueish-green on the back. The mouth is slightly upturned and lined with fine teeth.


As far south as the Knysna Lagoon and northwards into Mozambique.

How to locate this fish

The Springer is usually found in shallow water along beaches and estuaries in slightly discoloured water.

Baits to use

Fish fillet or live bait, fished near the bottom or close to the surface will work well. Other baits that are used for Spotted Grunter, Kob or Garrick are often picked up by the Springer.

Tackle to use

Light tackle or a light boat rod with hooks of the size between 3/0 and 6/0 can be successfully used to fish for Springer.

Springer Fishing Video

This video shows a lady catching Springer of Ladyfish

Great fun even for the ladies to fish for Springer or Ladyfish.