A popular fish amongst saltwater fishermen

(Acanthocybium Solandri)




Other Names

Ono, Peto, Pretty Snoek

Identification of the Wahoo

Elongated body with a cylindrical shape and sharp snout with a vicious set of teeth. The colour is blue-black with silver along the sides and a white belly. Light vertical lines are also visible along the sides. The Wahoo is known to grow up to 65 kilograms with the South African record being just below 34 kilograms, however in South Africa the common weight of this species that are caught range between 7 and 25 kilograms.


In South Africa the Wahoo can be found from Natal and northwards into and beyond Mozambique.

How to locate this fish

The Wahoo can be found at the edges of reefs, pinnacles and areas that are close to underwater mountains. Larger specimens can be found deeper beyond the edge of the continental shelf.

Baits to use

Often taken on artificial lures that are trolled at speeds of above 6 knots. Other baits that work well are Mullet, Skipjack and small Tuna.

Tackle to use when fishing for Wahoo

A Medium boat rod and sharp hooks with a wire trace is recommended.

Wahoo Fishing Video

YouTube video showing a nice Wahoo being caught

Wahoo fishing is always nice and well worth trying out.