White Steenbras


One of the great eadible species of fish to target along the South African Coast

(Lithognathus Lithognathus)

White Steenbras


White Steebras

Other Names

Wit Steenbras, Varkbek, Pignose Grunter

Identification of the White Steenbras

The White Steenbras has a long silver-grey body with a sloped forehead and a strong tail. The lips of the mouth are thick and fleshy.The White Steenbras can grow up to weights of almost 20 kilograms, while the average size caught varies between 1 and 5 kilograms.


The White Steenbras can be found from the Orange river mouth in Natal to the coast of the Western Cape.

How to locate this fish

These fish can be found along beaches along the edges of deeper holes as well as either side of a sand flat as. They can also be found in mud flats in rivers and estuaries.

Baits to use

A wide variety of baits can be used, this includes prawns, bloodworm and pilchards as favourites while moonworms, white mussels and squid may also work.

Tackle to use for the White Steenbras

A rod of about 4 – 4.5 metres for casting and a good quality reel for casting and reaching these fish. The hook size between a 3/0 and 5/0 with very light terminal tackle in order to entice a bite. In estuaries with smaller specimens a 1/0 hook should suffice.

White Steenbras Fishing Video

YouTube video showing a White Steenbras being caught

White Steenbras fishing is great and here this fish is caught tagged and released.