Yellowfin Tuna


Get your guns burning when fishing for the Yellowfin Tuna

(Thunnus Albacares)

Yellowfin Tuna


Yellowfin Tuna

Other Names

Tunny, Ahi, Alison Tuna, Geelvin Tuna

Identification of the Yellowfin Tuna

The Yellowfin Tuna has a large barrel shaped body that tapers quickly towards the tail from the anus. The anal and second dorsal fins extend into long sickle like shapes. The tail is strong and the colour of the fins are, as the name implies, bright-yellow with the smaller finlets being canary-yellow. The upper part of the body is a blueish-black with the sides being gold and the belly a silvery-white. Vertical bars or blotches are often visible on the belly. These fish can attain a weight of about 100 kilograms with the average catch weighing between 5 to in excess of 40 kilograms, with the larger specimens mostly caught in the colder waters of the south-west Cape.


Being an oceanic fish the Yellowfin Tuna is spread throughout the entire globe.

How to locate this fish

Close to thermoclines and where commercial fishing boats and trawlers have made a natural feeding spot with their discarded fish and offal.

Baits to use

Trolling lures such feathers and lipped lures are commonly used, as well as spinning from a stationary boat using spoons. Bait that can be used include pilchard, squid or any of the offal found drifting near trawlers and long line boats.

Tackle to use when fishing for Yellowfin Tuna

A short, heavy boat rod with a stand-up harness is a must, as these fish are exceptionally strong fighters.

Yellowfin Tuna Video

YouTube video showing the landing of a Yellowfin Tuna

A nice sized fish like this Yellowfin Tuna is sure to get your guns burning and the adrenalin flowing.