Specimen Carp Fishing Bait

Specimen Carp Fishing Bait.

The main specimen carp fishing baits that are used for Specimen Carp Fishing.

When you prepare to go specimen carp fishing, one of the most important aspects is choosing and preparing your specimen carp fishing bait. The baits must be properly prepared for your success as well as for the carp’s safety. I hope this helps in preparation for your future specimen carp fishing sessions.

Boilies - Probably the top specimen carp fishing baitBoilies are probably the most commonly used specimen carp fishing bait. It is often used in the ground-bait for the preparation of a feeding ground for the carp. Different sizes of boilies are used depending on the size of the fish you are targeting. Flavours are also dependent on the venue you will be targeting for specimen carping. You may often encounter bites from other species as well, especially the African Catfish (barbel), or smaller carp may also pick up these boilies. If smaller carps pick up your boilies, you may want to switch to larger sized boilies to weed out the smaller carp from biting and taking away the opportunity of a big carp picking up your bait.


TigernutsTiger-nuts are always a favourite of the fisherman and the carp really love it. It doesn’t have any real nutritional value but the carp probably love the crunching texture of the tiger-nut. If raw tiger-nuts are used the preparation is very important. To prepare the tigernuts soak for 24 hours in warm water and then cook for 3 to 4 hours after which it should be ready. The tiger-nuts don’t loose their hardness from cooking but is more easily digested by the carp and doesn’t just lie in their bellies. Tiger-nuts may also be flavoured with the flavour of your choice by laying the tiger-nuts in a flavour concentrate, or if you are a little bit lazy, just buy as they are readily available from most tackle shops.


PeanutsPeanuts are another favoured carp bait BUT extreme care must be taken that it doesn’t have skin, as this skin may harm and kill a carp. To prepare the peanuts you can soak them for 48 hours in warm water and then cook for about 30 minutes, until the peanut is soft. The peanuts can then be used on a hair rig or in your ground feed mix. If you are using a dry type high protein crunch there are usually some peanuts in them and you don’t need to add your own into the ground-feed. The safest option is buying ready prepared peanuts from reputable suppliers that will ensure that these peanuts are fit for fishing and to ensure the protection of the carp and future big catches. The carp really loves peanuts, probably from a combination of the oiliness, the smell and the obvious nutritional value that exists in the peanuts. This option might be an expensive addition to your particle mix, but the reward far exceeds the cost of acquisition.


Maple PeasMaple Peas are a really good carp bait and can also be a substitute for tiger-nuts as the tiger-nuts are relatively expensive in comparison to maple peas. The preparation of the maple peas is to soak for about 12 hours and then cook at a medium heat for around 5 to 6 hours. The peas can then be used as a hook-bait or in your ground-feed. Maple peas are also readily available from most tackle shops and is almost a must have stock for any of your particle blends. When in doubt about the preparation of your particle mix, it is always a wise decision to buy from a reputable stockist to ensure the safety of your quarry.


Hemp SeedsHemp seeds are used inside your ground-feed and gets into all the nooks and crannies to keep the carp in your feed longer as they are trying to pick up these seeds. Carp really do love hemp seeds. To prepare the seeds you need to soak them for about 12 hours and then cook for about 15 minutes or until the seed starts sprouting, when they are ready. The hemp seeds have a really great smell and that is probably the main factor that attracts carp to this ingredient of the particle mix.


PENTAX ImageThe particle mix or particle-blend is a blend of different types of seeds and serves the same purpose as the hemp seeds and adds some variety to the menu for the carp. The preparation of the particle-blend is done the same as for the hemp seed so soak for 12 hours and then cook for about 15 minutes. The particle mix is then also added to the ground-feed. The particle mix is made up of small particles and once the carp has found it, they should stay in the feeding spot for a while.



Carp PelletsThe carp pellets or fishing pellets can be bought and is added only to the ground-bait that you will be using. The pellets aren’t really nutritional at all and only serves as a attractant for the carp as it will dissolve and form a cloud soon after it enters the water. The attracting aspect is always a good reason to add them to your ground-bait. The fishing pellets cannot really be used when you are making a feeding spot with wet bait, only add to your dry feed. The main thing about the pellets that attracts the carp seems to be the cloud of particles that they release as soon as they enter the water.



Next: Here are a few bait tools that are necessary for your specimen carp fishing bait preparation.

Boily NeedleThe boilie needle is an important tool for your fishing. The needle is used in preparation and while fixing your baits to the hair rig. The baits like the boilies, tiger-nuts, maple peas and peanuts are hard and you will need this little tool to thread your prepared hair rig through your chosen bait in order to fix it to the hair rig. It is always wise to choose a boilie needle that is strong and will not rust when coming in contact with water.



Particle DrillThe particle drill is another important tool. This drill is used when and if the bait is to hard for the boilie needle to go through the said bait. This is where the particle drill comes into it’s own and you use it to drill a pilot hole through your chosen bait. Also insure, as with the boilie needle that the drill is strong and can withstand rust.


PVA Funnel SystemThe PVA Funnel system makes it really easy to make a small feeding spot and to keep your bait together until it is in place. The funnel and plunger is used to compactly stamp your bait into the PVA mesh and is then affixed to your hook. The PVA funnel will quickly dissolve in the water which then leaves your bait free for the carp to feast on. The funnel system is not the only PVA system, there are also PVA bags and some other PVA systems but presentation just seems better when done with the funnel system.


Ground-feed recipe

A basic ground-feed recipe that works is;

  • 1 Kg Maple Peas
  • 1 Kg Hemp-seed
  • 1 Kg Particle-blend
  • 1 – 2 Cans of Whole Kernel Corn/Mealies
  • 1 – 2 Handfuls of Tiger-nuts

This is a good basic ground-feed and you can even add some boilies (whole and cut in halves and quarters) that should bag you a lot of fish.

Good luck and go catch some Carp with your preferred specimen carp fishing bait.

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