Specimen Carp Fishing Equipment

Specimen Carp Fishing Equipment.

Basics of getting Specimen Carp Fishing Equipment.

This is probably the first aspect that any aspiring angler takes account of, here are a few pointers to avoid the early pitfalls of buying your specimen carp fishing equipment.

Specimen Carp Fishing Equipment rods and reelsWhen one sets out to catch big carp, or specimen carp, it is very important to ensure that you have the correct specimen carp fishing equipment. Firstly, to be able to hook and land these fish, but also and really importantly, that you have the correct specimen carp fishing equipment to ensure carp care and the safe release of the carp. The fishing tackle needed can be quite expensive, but there are alternatives. Keep in mind, as with all sports, you should get the best gear that you can afford. I have had success with cheaper fishing tackle but they tend not to last. I have also had great failures when using some of these cheaper brands and have lost some big fish. This made me decide to always try and go for the recognized products. These products may be more expensive but they are sure to last longer and you can land your fish without the worry of your specimen carp fishing equipment having a failure.


Fishing Rod PodThe pod is basically used to rest your fishing rods on. The buzz bars in the front and back is where one fixes the alarms, swingers and butt grips for your rods. There are many variations of the fishing rod pod available, so be sure to do some research and get one that is to your liking. The pod just makes everything much easier. Your set up is much cleaner and you won’t have pieces cluttering your area. A good quality pod is advised as this pod will need to stand up to the weather. One of the most important aspects of the pod is to make sure that it is very sturdy. There are even pods which have pegs in the bottom of the legs that you can push into the ground to make it even more secure.

Alivio Specimen Carp Fishing RodThe fishing rod is probably the most important part of your gear and there are many to choose from. You may also want to buy a good spod rod, which is stronger than your normal rod, in order to be able to cast heavy spod rockets with free baits for attracting the carp. The standard is to use a rod with a test curve of about 3.5 pounds for “spodding”. For your fishing rod, you must make sure that the rod has a good backbone for fighting and bringing in big carp. The rod must also have a good “give” to avoid hook pulls while fighting a big carp. A popular option for specimen carp fishing is a rod with a test curve of around 2.5 to 2.75 pounds. The test curve of these rods is usually indicated on the rod.



Shimano Baitrunner ReelThe bait-runner reel is very important, for it’s ability to be set to free spool, for the clutch system and the quick line retrieval. The old centre-pin reel’s line retrieval is too slow to be able to keep big carp away from obstructions, and this is where the bait-runner reels get ahead with quick line retrieval and clutch systems. The clutch in the front is usually set to below your line’s breaking strain to avoid line snaps while fighting the fish and the bait-runner function in the back is set to on while waiting for the fish to bite. This is to ensure that your rod is not pulled into the water before you can get a chance to get to it after the fish has picked up your line. The bait-runner function also has a clutch system where you can set your bait-runner’s tension.


Fishing AlarmThe fishing alarm is fixed to your fishing rod pod and onto the front buzz bar. The alarm is used to indicate a bite on your line. There are a lot of options when choosing your fishing alarm. The alarm usually has a line roller that is linked to the sounding alarm, and when the roller turns, the sounding alarm is activated. Your rod’s front will rest on the alarm while waiting for a bite to be indicated. Most of the newer alarms have settings for the tone and volume of the alarm and some have LED lights that flicker in order to alert the fisherman to a bite.





Butt GripThe butt grip is also fixed to your fishing rod pod and is fastened on the rear buzz bar and is used to securely rest your fishing rod’s handle into. This also ensures stability and prevents your rod from being pulled into the water when you get a big carp picking up your bait. There are also many makes and types of butt grips on the market and it is always important for the fisherman to match the butt grips to his fishing rods.




Fishing Alarm SwingerThe fishing alarm swingers is affixed below your fishing alarm onto the front of your fishing rod pod and is used as a bite indicator as well as pulling the line down onto the line roller of your alarm. This will ensure that the line turns the line roller when there is a run on your rod and will in turn activate the sounding alarm to alert you of a bite.



Specimen Fishing Knotless Fishing NetThe specimen fishing landing net is used to ensure safe landing of the fish. Always remember that carp care is of the greatest importance. This net must be knot-less, which will ensure that loose hooks and the fins of the fish won’t get stuck in between the knots. The time to take the fish out of the net and return it into the water must be kept to a minimum. With the older knotted type  landing nets the carp’s top fins often gets stuck in the knots and this increases the fish’s time out of the water and damages the fins of the fish. You must also make sure that the diameter is large enough to safely net larger fish.



Fishing Unhooking MatThe unhooking mat is also a very important equipment with regards to specimen fishing. This mat will ensure safe handling and inspecting of a fish while removing hooks. When lying fish down on normal grass or ground, the grass or ground may damage the fish’s scales and protective coating that the fish has and the unhooking mat prevents this to an extent.


The above mentioned specimen carp fishing equipment should form the basis of all your specimen carp fishing expeditions and should always be used. Below I will post some other equipment that may assist you in your fishing.

Inflatable Fishing CanoeThe fishing canoe is very handy when going specimen fishing. This can be used to take in lines or to go to a fish that gets snagged to avoid line loss and pieces of line in a body of water due to line breaks and to enable the fisherman to make feeding spots by hand. There are many variations of canoes on the market, from inflatables to proper fishing rigged canoes. Make your choice to what will suit you the best and always be sure to invest in a life jacket because as we know, safety comes first 😀 .




Spod MarkerThe spod marker or spod rocket is used to make a feeding spot when used with a spod rod. The spod marker or rocket can also be used as a marker float to indicate your feeding spot. Bait can be placed inside the marker float and cast out towards your feeding spot of choice. When landing the buoyant top will turn the spod marker to ensure that the bait is released down into the water. The buoyant part is usually the bullet shaped head of the spod marker.




Polarized SunglassesPolarized sunglasses will ensure the protection of your eyes. These glasses will take away the glare of the sun on the water, and you will be able to see “into” the water because of this removal of the glare. You will also go home without red eyes because of the constant sun hitting your eyes. When stalking carp this also makes it easier for you to do so as your vision into the water is not impaired by the glare of the sun.




BivvyThe bivvy is commonly used to be a more comfortable stalking setup while waiting for the carp to bite. This will offer the angler protection from the sun as well as importantly protection against detection by the fish. This is important because the fish won’t bite, especially larger specimens if there is too much movement on the bank.




I hope that you have found this piece helpful and that it helped you toward setting up your specimen fishing equipment. Always remember that there are so much options regarding equipment and some homework and research will go a long way towards making your fishing more enjoyable.

Remember to return for our future posts on the specimen carp fishing series, with our next article being on terminal tackle and that will be followed by baits.

Happy Fishing and go catch some big Carp.


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