Specimen Carp Fishing Terminal Tackle

Specimen Carp Fishing Terminal Tackle.

The Basics of Specimen Carp Fishing Terminal Tackle that’s needed for Specimen Carp Fishing.

When preparing for your specimen carp fishing the specimen carp fishing terminal tackle is highly important to decide on, for your sake to land the fish and more importantly to avoid the specimen carp to be swimming around with great lengths of line hooked to it that can get the fish snagged into features and being the reason for the fish’s premature death. The specimen carp fishing terminal tackle is of great importance to ensure the safe landing and release of the fish.

Specimen Carp Fishing Terminal Tackle Monofilament Fishing LineThe monofilament fishing line is usually used as your mainline, in other words the basis of your line will consist of this type of line. There has been some anglers that prefer their entire reel to be spooled with braided line, but this can be very expensive. When choosing your line you must ensure that the breaking strain fits the area you will be fishing, when fishing a body of water with snags, one should go for a higher breaking strain and when fishing open and clear water, you can use line with a lesser breaking strain. You will just need to remember that you still need to be able to land big carp and a line with a breaking strain of 12 – 15 pounds or higher is generally required.



Braided Fishing LineThe braided fishing line is a very strong line at thinner diameters than that of the monofilament fishing line and in specimen carp fishing is usually used as the shock leader and as the hook links. Braided fishing line can also be camouflaged or coloured and one does even get slow sinking type braided line that ensures your feeding area are clear of any obtrusion that might spook a fish. Decide on your type of braid by considering the water colour you will be fishing, for instance a green coated or green braid when fishing a greenish body of water.




Lead Core Fishing LineThe lead core fishing line is usually inserted between the shock leader and the hook links and this line will ensure that your presentation area is free of lines because the weight of the line will ensure that your line is anchored to the floor of the lake bed. The lengths used can differ between angler to  angler but a length of around 45 – 60 centimeters should be sufficient. The lead core lines are also available in different colours for well camouflaged lines.




Lead WeightThe lead fishing weight is simply used to anchor your line and to provide a weight for the fisherman that will allow casting to be possible for greater distances. When choosing your type of lead weight the colour is probably the most important aspect to consider as you want your terminal tackle to be as invisible as possible and a colour suited to the body of water that you are fishing is highly important for this reason.




Carp Fishing Camo HooksThe hooks is at the business end of your line and an important factor to look for is to make sure your hooks are really sharp to readily hook a fish that is tasting your offering. Many types of hooks are also available such as wide gape, circle, long shaft and as with all specimen terminal tackle, camouflaged hooks are also available on the market.




Rig Tubing 001The rig tubing is used for the final preparation of your hooklink and can also be used to stiffen your rig. The tubing is usually and most often used to make your knotless knot more hidden and to give more stability to your hooklinks. There is also a wide variety available such as camouflaged tubing, heat shrink tubing, etc. The tubing must be able to go over the eye of your hook so ensure that this is the case when buying your rig tubing.


Lead Safety ClipsThe lead safety clips are used to secure your lead weight to your lead weight and is a highly important part of the quick release system, which ensures the fish does not swim around with long pieces of your line in it’s mouth if it should break you off.





Safety SleevesThe safety sleeves goes over the clip part and secures the safety clip and the lead weight on your line.






Green BeadsThe rubber beads are used to protect your knots and to set up running rigs. Other types of beads used are called gummy stops and is used to ensure your bait is secured on your hair-rig and that the bait doesn’t slide around on your hair-rig.





Boilie StopsThe boilie- or bait stops are simply used at the end of your hair-rig to ensure that your bait doesn’t slide of the hair-rig. These boilie stops are relatively inexpensive and available in packs. One can also try to match the colour to your total camouflage of the terminal tackle.


Braid ScissorsNot really terminal tackle but the braid scissors is an important piece of equipment related to your specimen carp fishing terminal tackle. The blades are normally serrated and this ensures the easy cutting of your braided fishing line. Braid cannot be cut with normal scissors and this makes life a whole lot easier for the fishermen.


This concludes the specimen carp fishing terminal tackle. Be sure to visit back for more on specimen carp fishing baits.


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  2. I am so impressed with your great work and you have very good research about carp fishing how do you position our rods? Do you have the tips in the water? Do you set them both up to point straight ahead? Or do you separate them onto individual bank sticks based on the fact you have one swim to the left of them in the margins and one swim straight ahead at the island?

    • Hi Carp Fishing, when positioning the fishing rods the main factor that I take into consideration is the angle of the bank in relation to the water, and with this in mind I set up the rods with the purpose whereby the least drag is incurred towards the fish through the line.

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