Vundu Fishing

Vundu Fishing for the serious angler.

To do Vundu Fishing is a delight and gives the angler the opportunity to catch a really big fish.

These fish can grow to a great size. The vundu tends to give the angler a great fight. These reasons makes it well worth to go out vundu fishing.

Vundu Fishing - The VunduThe Vundu looks a lot like the barbel with the exception that the dorsal fin only reaches to in front of the anal fin instead of to the base of the caudal fin with an adipose fin that starts from the dorsal fin to the caudal fin and the anal fin origin is closer to the caudal fin. The barbels are very long and stretches beyond the head. The colour of the fish is olive grey to reddish brown with a white or cream coloured belly.Young Vundus have irregular dark blotches or spots. The Vundu can also reach a length of over 1 meter and a weight of 55 Kilograms.

This fish can be found in the from the middle to the lower Zambezi and is also widespread throughout the Congo basin into West Africa, including lakes Tanganyika and Edwards and the Nile river. It is found in large deep rivers within the mainstream of rivers or in deep pools inside rivers and lakes. This fish is mostly active at night when it will feed on almost any kind of food as it is omnivorous, and it will also scavenge on large carcasses. Vundu fishing is thus mostly done at night time.

When you go out vundu fishing one can use mainly all the same baits as on would for Baber, these include any fleshy type bait such as fish heads, crabs, frogs, birds, liver, chicken intestines, heart and worms will also do the trick. When fishing with artlure lead-heads works well, but spinners and plastic fishes, frogs and other plastics can be used successfully.

When choosing your tackle be sure that you choose heavy tackle to fight this fish as it is strong and can get quite large and you will need some pulling power to land especially when you’re fishing from a boat.

View video from YouTube to see a Giant Vundu of 51 Kilograms being caught.

Enjoy your fishing


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